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We have started a podcast series dedicated to all things Blended Life!  It is our mission to start the conversation, but for you to finish it in your own family.  Living this lifestyle comes with many, many, many unknowns and variables, and so this outlet of ours brings awareness to things you may have not considered or have felt alone in within your family.  It is real, it is raw and nothing is off limits!  

Every Thursday, we premier or record live our latest podcast episode on our YouTube channel (find the link below).  We are available to answer questions or comments and just to connect with others like us during our live recordings, and we always respond to comments and questions left below.  If you ever have a suggestion for a topic, let us know and you may just find us recording an episode based on your feedback and input!

If YouTube isn't your thing, don't worry!  We are also on Stitcher, Spotify, Google, Alexa, iTunes and Pandora for your listening pleasure!  

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