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We can do better than statistics say!

We are a blended family living intentionally and shedding light on lessons we've learned from a broken past and now-blended life.

You and I are not alone; we are all in it together.  Below you will get the opportunity read Julie's writings about her blended family experiences, life lessons she's learned the hard way, and advice on how to not make the same mistakes she's made along the way. 

This is where you will also be introduced to, and get to know, Other Blended Families and learn from their successes and missteps (just click on this category next to "Julie's writings" to meet some pretty incredible and inspiring blended families).  To be featured on THE BLOG, please use the contact section to get in touch with Eric and Julie.

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Meet the Trytsman Family!

A forward from Berenike Trytsman:

"My blended family is super special, (at least I think we are). It's my husband with his 2 boys, aged 7 and 9, then myself with a little boy of 6. We also welcomed our first baby into the world on June 25th, 2019 (it's a girl - Woohoo!). The kids all love each other and get along very well. So we are a Family of 6 in a tiny apartment when we have them over at our place, but we totally co-parent with his ex-wife.

This is where it gets interesting...his ex-wife and I actually get along very well. We discuss the kids, have coffee when we do pick-up and drop-off, we even invite her for dinner some nights because some days we can't get everything done and it helps her, the kids and us if we just all sit down and enjoy our supper. But wait, there's more! We go to the same Church (my husband's brother is the pastor) and I work with her at the same company.

Many people comment and ask if it's weird and why we do this. My answer is always, yes it can be weird but the kids get to see their mom, dad and stepmom all happy and working together. To me, this gives them a head start in life because they have 3 parents who love them unconditionally."

When I read about their family I knew they had to be featured by us. We were drawn to the two things we don't have: an inclusive relationship with the other "bio" parent and an "ours" baby. We were intrigued to know how both work in their home successfully. And boy did they deliver! Renier and Berry sat down and answered questions we had for them to help us learn the secret to their good life.

If you need some inspiration or encouragement in your own blended family, or just want some uplifting content for your day, watch the video below about their lives and their family. To find out where this sweet family resides (hint: not in the USA), watch until the end and then you'll probably be like us wishing you could hop on the next plane for a coffee date just to soak up their energy. Enjoy!

Not only is this family blessed with faith and love, they are also blessed with talent! To find out more about them, to follow their journey or connect, we have provided their social media and business links below.

Click on the links below to further connect with the Trytsman family!


If you would like your blended family to be featured, email us at to find out more! Please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and listen to our Blended Life Podcast that records every Thursday night. We are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We look forward to connecting and growing with you!


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